Monday, September 12, 2011

The Masterpiece of I

'I define passion. Passion defines me.'

A bold statement for a guy 23 years of age?

Passion to me is the inner urge and desire that propel me into doing things that gratifies my interests.

I for one, have many interests. Event management, expressive writing, reading, just to name a few.

Dance, however, is where my deepest passion lies in.

In dance, every artistic body movement is a swift stroke of art painted on a blank canvas.

A masterpiece only which the dancer can truly appreciate.

In dance, is where a person's deep seated feelings and thoughts truly show.

A masterpiece which sometimes if we're lucky, we can relate to.

I've been dancing through life, and I have no intention of stopping.

I dream to be better at dancing, to be able to connect better with I.

Because just like everyone else, I am a masterpiece, of which pieces I alone can muster, of which I alone can put together.

Dance with me, connect with me.

Picture courtesy of The Passion of Dance by Richard Young.

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